Fecha Actual:June 19, 2024

Trading projections for May 10-14

Week of annual market highs and lows await us next week. The bad American data finally revealed the final direction of the dollar. Economists expect to see job creation on the rise as more Americans get vaccinated and the economy picks up. The reality is that with government aid bonds the average American finds little or no incentive to enter. The service sector is in great difficulty filling its vacancies. An increase in wages and time payments could compensate for this lack of incentive.

«Our economy is definitely on the mend, but there are still millions of people in financial trouble, ”Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said in an interview with All Things Considered. “We still have problems with child care. We still have problems with vaccines. We still have problems with people who get the virus. So we still have a long way to go.»

 Market projections week from 10 to 14 May. Click here to contact us.

EURUSD closed buy. Buy preference over 1.2180 to 1.2190 with a possible extension to 1.22. Above 1.22, the buy pressure increases to 1.2220 and 1.2230. Corrections and sell of the cross would begin between 1.2230 and 1.2240. At the moment, no sell scenario unless there is an opening below 1.2140.

GBPUSD closed buy. Sell preference below 1.40. Sell entries are expected below 1.3980 and 1.3970 not earlier. Otherwise we could have the crossing at 1.40 for next week. Buys are not recommended between 1.40 and 1.4010, avoid maximum price zone.

USDJPY closed sell. Buy preference over 108.50 to 108.70 and 108.80. Below 108.50 possible sellers up to 108.30.

AUDUSD closed buy. Sell preference below highs of 0.7850. If the opening is buy, we will wait for the test of 0.7867 to buy up to 0.7890 and 0.79.

USDCAD (officially in the selling zone) closed sell. Sell preference below 1.2120 to 1.2090 and 1.2070. Without exceptions. There is no buy scenario at this junction.

XAGUSD XAUUSD closed buy. Silver has already achieved the estimated area highs. Between 27.50 and 27.70 we avoid buys. We would expect a correction in silver for possible new buys below 27.30. If you get the maximum of 27.70 again, we could have more buyers up to 27.80 and 28.0. Gold closed buy. Above 1833.0, the buy is presented again until 1837.0 and 1840.0. We dismiss sells, we would expect corrections for new buys at the 1820.0 levels.

Bitcoin closed its day’s sell. Corrections are expected up to 57,000 and possible 56,000. We estimate that next week it will be a buy scenario. For now, avoid buys below 58,000.

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