Fecha Actual:February 28, 2024

Day hour

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Mon 26/02



  • 10:00 am EST. Apertura de mercado americano.


Tue 27/02



  • 10:00 am EST Apertura de mercado americano. Bienes durables de EE. UU. 
  • 12:00 am Confianza del consumidor

Wed 28/02


  • 10:00  Apertura de mercado de EE. UU. PIB preliminar de EE. UU.  Miembros de la FOMC comentan durante la tarde.

Thu 29/02

  • Se publica la inflación de Alemania sin horario definido aún.
  • 10:00 am Pedidos de desempleo de EE. UU
  • PIB de Canadá





Fri 01/03

  • 5:00 am EST PMI europeo hasta las 6:30 am.
  • 12:00 am EST Sentimiento del consumidor.
  • Actividad de la FED y miembros de la FOMC durante la jornada sin horario definido.



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The calendar will inform you about every important event for day trading that you should pay attention to. Not all information is relevant to trading. We focus only on high-impact information like inflation, interest rates, non-farm payrolls, unemployment rates and central bank press conferences. Any other information is not relevant for trading. The information available in the Watch My Trading calendar is very specific about the data that is tradeable or not. Our calendar is updated every Sunday, prior to the opening of the market.

At Watch My Trading we will help you with all the relevant information you will need to make your trading successful and profitable. News from our trading calendar will keep you up to date. Indeed, information from the United States, Europe and Australia will affect the main currency crosses. Data from the United States will generally have an effect on gold and silver prices.

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In the past, traders focused only on news or technical aspects (charts and indicators). Currently, each trader must combine both factors. The markets are more complex than ever and you can’t choose between focusing solely on charts or data. The information is being discounted by traders. When you understand pricing, you can understand when markets are discounting information before that happens.

News calendars are essential in your market routine!

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Market prices are easy to understand and complicated to use. This is how it works: days of purchase, you will choose purchase prices. Sale days you choose sale prices. Each day will present you with different levels of trading. Your skills must be focused on selling at exactly the right price and don’t forget that you will have sale prices. Once you gain experience you get better and better at being patient enough and getting the best possible price. Price action is used for fx, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Market prices are easy to understand and complex to use. Here’s how it works: On purchase days, you’ll choose purchase prices. On sale days, you will choose sale prices. Different trading levels will be presented each day. Your skills must be focused on identifying the exact moment of sale at the correct price, and you must not forget that you can have sale prices. Once you get experience you will get better and you better have enough patience to get the best possible price. The price action technique is used to operate in the currency, stock, commodity and crypto markets.

Trading does not mean evaluating charts, but numbers. Prices will change the charts, not the other way around. Getting involved with numbers is a path of no return. Everything will start to fit into the right place. There will always be the exact moment of purchase and the exact moment of sale. Not using stop loss will help you. Remember that the market occurs at certain levels and these can have between 10 to 30 pips of variation. The stop loss is not a tool for professional traders. You can always consider expiring a trade or covering it, but not losing it.

The high impact of the information is everything for the markets. The prices will do the work for you.

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