Fecha Actual:July 25, 2024

SP500 US30 US30 price action updates

SP500 highs price 5.520. Markets hits new highs recently.  A market correction should be expected today and probably next week. For market opening hours we should consider buying at 5.450 points. The alternative scenario is to short belo 5.450 tour 5.430 and 5.420. If correction stops before that price then buyers will start at 5480 pushing tours 5.500 back again. PMI of United States is presented today so consider some volatility around those minutes.

NASDAQ hits new high of 20.100. Correction started yesteday and already below 19.850. Correction might continue today with PMI of United States. If buyers are ready today consider above 19.800 to start buying. If sellers controls todays opening we expect the market to go down to 19.700 and 19.550.

US30 DOWJ hits new high around 39.250. Correction is controlling todays levels. The 39.000 will be key level either for buyers if we have the confirmation above it and sellers if confirmation is lost. Below 39.000 we expect sellers back again down to 38.950. Attention to PMI news presentation.



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