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It is a platform to learn to operate the international market in real time. Each trader follows our indications of market in real investment account.

The technique we use is scalping, therefore, we operate only with high impact scenarios and market opening. In addition, we meet in different cities where we organize our strategies.

Each trader interested in joining the room, first goes through a week of practice at a cost of 15 USD. You have to have time to join us at the opening of the American market (tomorrow) or trade only in the Asian market session (night). Trading sessions last up to 3 hours.

Scalping allows you to participate all the hours or only in that hour that you have. Once your week is over, you have the option to join us every month at no cost or by paying a monthly subscription.




Monthly Users



What Do You Learn From Live Trading Sessions?

Several neophytes try their hands at the live trading platform each year, but most do not realize trading's true potential. Instead, they walk away from a little less wise and more inadequate. The majority of those who fail to make something out of their trading career have one thing in common. They haven't mastered the basics, attended live trading coaching, and move the odds in their favor. However, if you take your time and learn them, nobody can decrease of odds of success.

World markets attract money like the bees to the honey. Most people invest money in securities without knowing why these prices move up and down. More so, they chase hot tips, ask their gurus, and indulge in binary bets. Such buying and selling decisions make no sense in the trading business. Instead, a better path is to learn trading will skill and authority.

With live trading sessions, you get to think straight, embark new trading career, and invest your money in the right items. The following are the five basic steps live trading coaching can help you.

Open a trading account:

It might seem to you that we're stating the obvious, but even the first step requires effort. The live trading platform helps you find an excellent online broker and open a stock brokerage account. If you have a personal account, it is better to build another professional one. Understand the account interface, take advantage of the free tools, and practice virtual trading.

It is a market crash course:

There are several live trading sessions, financial articles, stock market books, website tutorials, etc., available to read the information. It is critical to focus on one aspect of the trading game at a time. Research new ideas and concepts that are relevant during the time. Trading is an uncertain wind that you cannot anticipate. However, by learning and studying about its market background, you do better at the trading business.

Analyze the trading market:

Study the trading technical analysis basics, look at the price charts, and analyze them in the time frames. Research the fundamentals of trading to forge your path to profits. Track the growth curve and revenue streams. Use the live trading sessions to grow sharply and survive as your trader. Learn how to analyze charts and derive technical insights. Such prospects will unlock the magical realm of trading prediction for you.