Fecha Actual:July 25, 2024

Trader Resilience

In the process of learning and professionalization of any operator, it is necessary to go through difficult times and experiences of great discomfort. Otherwise you will not be learning. It is essential to develop the ability to learn from mistakes to resurface in an improved version after each stumble. Practice by itself will not make the trader evolve if he is limited to repeating bad habits and acting in the same way that previously left him in an unfavorable situation.

The most difficult moments in a trader’s career are there to make him grow, to show him his weaknesses and aspects to correct. They are there to remind you that you must develop a special relationship with uncertainty, and that it can return to zero whenever you forget what you have learned so far. It is the trader’s job to take advantage of each one of them, as many times as necessary.

Pushing yourself to the limits to get to know yourself, gradually leaving your comfort zone each time you fall into it. When the trader is somewhat uncomfortable with his positions and operating under pressure, he will really understand the quality of decisions he is capable of making and this will lead him to make improvements in both his monetary and emotional management to implement in a less exigent operation. Making friends with mistakes and losses from the beginning is the fastest way to stay in a state of permanent improvement.

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