Fecha Actual:May 19, 2024

The US CPI fell

On Wednesday the Bureau of Employment Statistics of the United States will publish, as every month, the Consumer Price Index of the country. The September data will be known at 9.30 am Argentina (GMT-3).

Estimates project that the CPI for the last month remains around 3%, showing a slowdown since June.


The global context surrounding the announcement is a European and Asian continent facing an energy crisis, generating effects on inflation. The Central Banks, for the most part, maintain monetary policy and have not yet taken the step towards reducing economic stimuli. At the same time, while world economic growth receives a slight deceleration, inflation would not find a ceiling.

In the United States, the energy problem would not wreak havoc, but the Fed’s decision on monetary policy would. It is highly probable that the Federal Reserve will begin reducing its asset purchases in November. In turn, the markets speculate that the first increase in interest rates – a decision governed by inflation and the level of employment – will be towards the end of 2022. However, there are fears that the Fed will delay changes due to the international context.

EURUSD closes seller, next level at 1.1525

GBPUSD closes seller. Below 1.36 to 1.3580, then 1.3580 to 1.3550

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