Fecha Actual:June 6, 2023

Tensions between the US and Russia are increasing

In recent hours, tensions have increased as the Biden Administration imposed new sanctions on the Kremlin.

After a low-impact conversation for the bond, in which even a possible summit meeting between the parties was taken into account, the week ends with new complications.

The motive for the measures taken by the Biden administration was guided by the accusations of an attempted disruption of the elections and of the alleged misconduct linked to SolarWinds Corp.

The decision will be implemented from June 14 and are made up of the prohibition of US financial institutions from participating in the primary market for buying bonds issued by the Russian Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the sovereign wealth fund of investment.

The restrictions will prevent US investments from buying Russian government bonds known as OFZ, which are denominated in rubles and have been a common focus of investment.

The new measure sanctions more than thirty officials, government officials and individuals. In this context, there is the expulsion from the US of at least 10 Russian diplomats and even agents linked to intelligence.

Despite the sanctions, there is talk of a search not to further strain the state of relations, since they are fueled by movements of the Russian military forces near Ukraine.

The bloc of countries that make up NATO, support the measure also sustained by the accusations about the violation of Ukrainian sovereignty due to the deployment of troops on the border. For this reason, they proposed a meeting between the bloc and Russia.

Faced with the measure, the Russian Finance Ministry announced an even greater cut in the current year’s loan plan and flexibility in the OFZ bond placement plans.

In this regard, the Kremlin announced that President V. Putin is working to respond to the sanctions. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that although the answer has not yet been defined, it is expected that the principle of reciprocity will be maintained to respond to the measures.

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