Fecha Actual:April 19, 2024

Price action scalping scalping Feb 28th

EURUSD continues consolidating between 1.0840 and 1.0830. Below 1.0850 the preference is selling. Selling starts at 1.0830 with TP 1.0820. Then from 1.0820 with TP 1.0810. It is possible to leave overnights like sell stop 1.0830 with TP 1.0820. Buying will be assessed at 1.0850 at the European opening.

GBPUSD remains in consolidation between 1.2660 and 1.2650. The preference is to sell below 1.2650 with TP 1.2630. Then from 1.2630 with TP 1.2620. Purchases will be evaluated in European opening.

USDCAD remains a buyer. Purchases are from 1.3580 with TP 1.36. Above 1.3605 the purchases extend to 1.3630 and 1.3650.

AUDUSD remains seller from 0.6490 with TP 0.6480. Then from 0.6480 with TP 0.6470.

XAUUSD remains with buying pressure. Although the day remained. Preferably below 2035 we expect selling strategies. Preferable to wait for confirmation below 2030 for new sales. Between 2040 and 2038, remember that they are maximums in the area, making coverage impossible.


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