Fecha Actual:May 19, 2024

Price action trading SEP 18

EURUSD had a buying day although without the necessary minimum of 1.07 to consider strategy changes. The preference is seller. Below 1.0690 to 1.0680. Then below 1.0680 sales continue until 1.0670. Levels between 1.0660 and 1.0650 remain pending. It is important to consider the lows of 1.0660 and 1.0650 as buy reversal levels. If the market holds above 1.0670 and 1.0660 between now and Wednesday then those are official lows for US interest rates.

GBPUSD despite its buying rally, the preference is selling below 1.24. Next level 1.2380. It is important to evaluate new sales only below 1.2370. If the price is considered above 1.2370 we prefer to wait. UK interest rates due this Thursday (rate hike).

USDCAD remains seller below 1.35 with mixed preference. At the moment above 1.3490 buyers may be considering holding up to 1.35/1.3530. Sells are preferred below 1.3490 (reversal to sell up to 1.3450/1.34)

USDJPY remains a buyer, next level 148.0 and 148.50.

XAUUSD remained bought. Buyer preference remains around 1930. Buyers will remain in the market until 1940 and 1,950.0


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