Fecha Actual:April 19, 2024

Price action daily scalping SEP 18th

EURUSD remained a seller with the rise in European interest rates. The preference remains a seller. Selling remains below 1.0650/1.0660. We expect the opening of Europe tomorrow, sales remain within this range. Below 1.0630 selling continues (sell stop 1.0630) to 1.0615 and extends to 1.0580. If Europe opens a buyer tomorrow, we will evaluate whether or not it is advisable to close sales at 1.0650/1.0660.

GBPUSD remained a seller. The preference is to sell below 1.24. Next level 1.2390, sales are maintained (sell stop 1.2390) until 1.2370. If Europe opens a buyer, we will evaluate selling sales of 1.24/1.2430.

USDCAD remains seller below 1.3530. Covered sales move to sell stop 1.35. If a buyer opens tomorrow we will wait for confirmations on 1.3530. In the meantime it is better to wait. From 1.35 it falls to 1.3490 where the market enters consolidation, below 1.3490 it enters a market reversal to seller until 1.34.

XAUUSD remained unchanged. The preference is to sell below 1,910. Covered sales remain below 1915/1910. We will wait for the opening tomorrow. It is feasible to move the hedge sell stop at 1.905.


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