Fecha Actual:July 25, 2024

Price action January 2nd

EURUSD remains with a selling preference, however we are at minimums with buying potential. If a sale opens tomorrow we will start selling below 1.0930 to 1.0910. If a buyer opens, we prefer to wait for sufficient confirmation on 1.0950, without getting ahead of ourselves with purchases.

GBPUSD remains with a selling preference. We prefer to wait for sales from 1.26 to 1.2580. For the moment we rule out buying strategies.

USDCAD remains a buyer. Above 1.33 the preference is buying above 1.33. Above 1.3320 a buyer enters until 1.3330. Once above 1.3330 the buying is maintained until 1.3350.

XAUUSD gold remains in consolidation. We prefer to wait until tomorrow to define a final projection for the ounce. It remains bought above 2050 although sold below 2070.0.


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