Fecha Actual:July 25, 2024

Price action JANUARY 08th

EURUSD remained a buyer above 1.0950 today 01/08. The preference remains selling below 1.0950 to TP 1.0940. Then we hope to be within the confirmation of 1.0940 to continue selling with TP 1.0930. Be careful with 1.0930 since we have buying bounces. We prefer to wait for that confirmation below 1.0930 to enter selling with TP 1.0915. For the moment we rule out buying strategies below maximums.

GBPUSD remained a buyer above 1.2730 and 1.2750. Once again we find the maximums of the area. The preference is to sell under confirmation below 1.2750 with TP 1.2740. Once inside 1.2740 we wait for new confirmation to sell until 1.2730. Then sell from 1.2730 to TP 1.2720. Purchases are ruled out for the moment, we must evaluate the opening of the European market before changing the preference.

USDCAD remains with a buying preference above 1.3350 and 1.3330. At the moment we prefer buyers only. Buyers are attentive within the prices of 1.3320 and 1.3330 which makes a covering situation difficult.

XAUUSD remains with a selling preference from 2030 to 2020. Then below 2020 with a target in 2010.


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