Fecha Actual:June 19, 2024

Price action JANUARY 21st

EURUSD remains with a selling preference below 1.09. Selling is from 1.0880 with TP 1.0870. Then from 1.0870 let’s wait for selling confirmation given that we have previously had buyers at those levels. Once below 1.0870 the scalping remains constant selling until 1.0860 and 1.0850. Once at 1.0850 we expect selling confirmation until 1.0830. At the moment buying strategies in euro are ruled out. The week presents European interest rates this Thursday 10:15 ARG time, which could generate consolidation within the first days of the week.

GBPUSD remains with a selling preference below 1.27. Selling will have to wait until we are at 1.2660 with TP 1.2650 as we have interested buyers at 1.2680 and 1.2690. If a buyer opens tomorrow we will evaluate market purchases above 1.2710 (remember that at the moment they are maximums).

USDCAD remains with a buying preference although losing a little ground below 1.3450. If it passes the minimum of 1.3420 we go to levels of 1.3410 and 1.3410. If the buying market remains above 1.34 we would return to purchases while if it remains below 1.34 the sales will extend to 1.3350. At this crossing we should expect buyers at least above 1.3460. Canada presents its interest rates this Thursday 11:45 am rates will remain unchanged.

AUDUSD preference is short below 0.66. Selling scalping starts at 0.6590 until TP 0.6580. Then from 0.6580 to TP 0.6570 continuously until 0.6550.

XAUUSD remains below 2030 with sales potential until 2020. Below 2020 sales extend until 2015. For now this commodity must be evaluated in the context of the current conflict. Whether it will act as a refuge against a potential escalation or whether the market will continue to present highs in 2030, 2020 and 2010.


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