Fecha Actual:June 19, 2024

Price action JANUARY 17th

EURUSD remains with a selling preference below 1.09. Selling starts from 1.0870 with TP 1.0862. Then we hope to be confirmed below 1.0850 to continue selling until TP 1.0830. Remember that below 1.0850 the market has a high probability of completing its selling range up to 1.08. If Europe opens a buyer, we prefer purchases only under confirmation above 1.09 (expiring if confirmation is lost), otherwise it is ideal to wait for sales below 1.09.

GBPUSD remains with a selling preference. Selling starts at 1.2670 with TP 1.2660. Then we wait for confirmation below 1.2650 to sell up to 1.2640 and 1.2630. Once inside 1.2620 we expect new confirmation until 1.26. If a buyer opens we could only consider purchases above 1.27 under confirmation or continue selling if confirmation is lost at 1.27.

USDCAD remains a buyer. The preference is buying on 1.3490 and 1.35. Buying extends to 1.3550. If a sale opens, we prefer buying strategies.

AUDUSD remains with a selling preference below 0.6550 with TP 0.6640 with an extension to 0.6632. Below 0.6630 we reach 0.6620 with high buying potential. It is possible that if the buyer loses power between 0.6620 and 0.6620 the price will reach a new low at 0.66.



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