Fecha Actual:July 25, 2024

Fourth wave of infections in Europe. Mandatory vaccination.

German politicians are debating mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for citizens in light of rising infections and low inoculation rates. Members of Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc said Sunday that federal governments and should introduce mandatory vaccines soon, as well as other efforts to boost Germany’s low inoculation rate of just 68% have failed.

“We have reached a point where we must clearly say that we do indeed need mandatory vaccination and a lockdown for the unvaccinated,” Tilman Kuban, head of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) youth wing, wrote in the newspaper. Die Welt. Germany’s seven-day coronavirus incidence rate rose to the highest level since the pandemic began for the fourteenth day in a row on Sunday, reaching 372.7 across the country.

Overall, 5.35 million coronavirus infections have been reported in Germany since the start of the pandemic in February 2020. The total death toll is 99.06. Bavarian state prime minister Markus Soeder called for a swift decision to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory, while Schleswig-Holstein state prime minister Daniel Guenther said authorities should at least discuss that. step to increase pressure on unvaccinated citizens.

The currency market quickly took its gains after a slight recovery. The EURUSD cross is trading for sale below 1.13. Below 1.1280 we expect more sell tomorrow. If the buyers of 1.1250 remain positioned, it is possible that it will remain above those lows for the week. German production data will bring volatility over crossover at its opening on Tuesday. Production is expected to have decreased compared to the previous month. The GBPUSD cross remains buy on its last day on Friday even though without enough pressure. It is possible that above 1.3450 we have a week up. If the market loses buy power in pounds, we will return to sell below 1.3430 to 1.3430 and extensions.

The dollar for its part is still trading strong at its crosses except for USDJPY (pressing 114.0 without buyer optimism). The preliminary GDP data on Wednesday added to the FOMC minutes would generate a break for the dollar. Buyers of the dollar could take their gains for Wednesday in the face of poor expectations of the minutes. The investment market will focus on information regarding inflation in the United States. There would be no expectations about interest rate dates. USDCAD remains buyer above 1.26. Take profit is expected below 1.2630 to possible 1.2610 and 1.26. The strategic preference remains buyer above 1.26.

Metal commodities closed their day with take profit. Silver is trading below 25.0, it is possible that reaching the minimum of 24.50 we will go to sell until 24.30 and 24.0. Gold is trading below 1850.0 we may have more sell in the week to 1842.0 and moving to 1840.0. If the market opens higher with commodities on Monday we will have buy pressure above 1850.0. In silver, buyers will be able to sustain only above 24.70. Gold and silver are subject to possible changes of strategy to sale for the next week. Oil closed seller at its last price last Friday. A barrel could fall to 74.0 and 70.0 a barrel if the European economies continue to close.

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