Fecha Actual:May 19, 2024

China and the US under diplomatic tensions

US relations with Beijing are deteriorating and have not been “restored” under President Joe Biden in the way many previously expected, said Max Baucus, a former US ambassador to China. Baucus said that Biden’s policies on China are “as strong as Trump’s.” The former ambassador said the risk of a military showdown between the United States and China over Taiwan is increasing, but he does not believe the two countries will go to war.

Tensions between the United States and China grew rapidly under former US President Donald Trump, who imposed higher tariffs on Chinese goods and placed some Chinese companies on a blacklist that limits their business in the United States. Trump broke with decades of American foreign policy by bringing the United States closer to Taiwan during his tenure. The Biden administration has continued on that trajectory, and the State Department issued new guidelines in April to allow US officials to meet more freely with their Taiwanese counterparts.

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Market projections in opening Monday 13

EURUSD closed sell. Sell preference. Sell intervals below 1.21 only up to 1.2075. Below 1.2070 to 1.2050. Attention to risk area with sell: high potential to buy between 1.2050 and 1.2070. Buy intervals of 1.2020.

GBPUSD closed sell. Sell preference below 1.41 to 1.4087. Buy interval from 1.4120 to 1.4135. Attention risk zone with sell: high potential buy between 1.4080 and 1.41.

USDCAD closed buy. Buy preference. Buy intervals over 1.2150 to 1.2170 and extension to 1.2190. Below 1.22 take profit zone. Sell ranges below 1.2140 to 1.2120. Going 1.2120 to 1.21.

USDCHF closed buy. Buy preference. Buy intervals over 0.8980 to 0.8988 and 0.8990. Sell ranges below 0.8975 to 0.8962. Below 0.90 high potential sell and above 0.90 buy reversal.

AUDUSD closed sell. Buy preference over 0.7710 to 0.7720. About 0.7720 to 0.7750. Sell interval from 0.7680 to 0.7660. Attention: high potential buy between these minimum levels.

Sp500 closed buy. Buy preference over 4250.60 to final extension at 4270.99.

BTCUSD closed buy. Buy preference over 37,530 to 38,164 and possible final extension at 39,000.

XAUUSD closed sell. Buy preference over 1880.30 to 1885.50 with extension to 1890.0. Sell interval from 1870.18 to 1865.07. High buy potential in this last interval.


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