Fecha Actual:June 19, 2021

US GDP Announcement, What to Expect.

This Thursday the Office of Economic Analysis, belonging to the United States Department of Commerce, will publish the preliminary GDP for the first trimester. The indicator that reflects the state of the economy will have its second preliminary publication at 9:30 am GMT-3.

The Gross Domestic Product, which has three measurements, for the first quarter, according to the first estimates of April, showed a growth towards 6.4%. The data to be published this Thursday suppose more complete information in this regard, projected unchanged and the various sources, oscillate between 6.4% and 6.5%.

According to the Office of Economic Analysis, the GDP gained a boost as a result of a growth in consumption, derived from the stimulus programs. After a 2020 economically affected by the covid pandemic and the stimulus program such as the the Paycheck Protection Program and public spending on vaccination campaigns, they promoted a growth of the indicator for the first quarter of the year . With an expansionary monetary policy, in search of stimulating the economy, the Fed will look for an environmental and stable CPI towards 2% according to the objective.

This has generated controversy, especially in the last hours, that the vice president of the organism, had to calm down the markets, that before an inflationary outbreak, it would be controlled.

Preliminary GDP data announced a slight drop in private investment and exports, while other types of investment, consumption, spending and imports, show increases.

Part of the challenge will be in the coming months, that economic growth is sustained based on low unemployment rates, with a stable CPI and the possible effects of the withdrawal of economic aid.

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