Fecha Actual:April 19, 2024

Projections for US Retail Sales

This Friday the data of the retail sales in the United States will be presented. Data that demonstrated the evolution in the growth rate of economic activity.

The projections show that there will be a slight growth reaching 0.4% from the fall to 0.3% that it had last month.

The data is expected to be positive to rule out any hint of a stagflation process. The consumer price index for September showed a slight increase towards 4%. If the general outlook would be favorable for the initiation of changes in the Fed’s monetary policy.

In this sense, according to the minutes of the September meeting, Federal Reserve officials could begin with the reduction of stimuli. There is agreement that they are on track with economic objectives and it would be time to start tapering gradually.

They would expect to end the cut by mid-2022.

In turn, the measure would begin with a cut of $ 10 billion a month in Treasuries and $ 5 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities.


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