Fecha Actual:April 19, 2024

Price action October 11

EURUSD remained a buyer in the market session. Preference remains short below the highs of 1.0630/1.0620. Be careful because the buyers of 1.06 are still sustained, so the sales are only up to 1.06. Once below 1.06 the selling extends to 1.0590/1.0580. The United States inflation data may suggest a bullish dollar. Keep in mind that if the data impacts the dollar downwards, the euro could pass 1.0630 and reach 1.0650.

GBPUSD remained a buyer during the day. The preference is to sell below 1.2350 and 1.2340 to 1.23 and below 1.23 with targets at 1.2290 and 1.2280. Below 1.2280 to 1.2250. The buying scenario will depend on the market reaction with the consumer inflation data, the buying proposal would be around 1.2350 to 1.24.

USDCAD remains with a buying preference. 1.3580 levels have been buyers up to 1.36. Above 1.36 we have buying pressure with scalping up to 1.3620, 1.3630 and 1.3650. The selling scenario will depend on the American inflation data, below 1.3570 sales extend up to 1.3550.

XAUUSD remains unchanged. The preference is buying on 1870.0 until the next target of 1880.0

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