Fecha Actual:July 25, 2024

Price action OCT 30th

EURUSD remained bought throughout the day. The preference is buying at 1.06. We will wait for the European opening tomorrow if we have a valid retracement until 1.06 to return for purchases until TP 1.0610 and 1.0620. If, on the other hand, buyers begin their day with buying pressure from 1.0610/1.0620, then purchases extend to 1.0630, 1.0640 and 1.0650. The sales scenario at the moment is not convenient and very complex at the same time.

GBPUSD remained a buyer. The preference is buying over 1.2150. Within the intervals of 1.2180 and 1.2170 we are already at the maximum of the area and we prefer to wait for a correction to 1.2150/1.2130 to re-enter the buyer. If the market passes 1.2170/1.2180 we go directly to 1.22 and extensions.

USDCAD remains sold in its market area. The preference is to sell below 1.3850, we prefer selling strategies up to 1.3830 and 1.3820. Below 1.3810 we extend selling to 1.38. Once within the 1.38 levels we expect selling confirmation below 1.38 to continue selling.

XAUUSD remains bought without enough volume to enter. We will wait for corrections to eventually buy again. No sales strategies are proposed for 1980.

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