Fecha Actual:April 19, 2024

Price action NOV 13th

EURUSD remained mixed in its daily market session. It started selling and ended selling at 1.0690. Preference will depend on London opening tomorrow. Above 1.0710 it is a buyer until 1.0720 and above 1.0720 until 1.0730. Be careful between 1.0730 and 1.0740 to expire purchases that lose purchasing power to ensure that these are not maximums. The final target is at 1.0750.

GBPUSD remained in a buying preference during the day, losing the selling prices of 1.2230. The preference is buying from 1.2280 to 1.2290. Once inside 1.23 wait for confirmation or double confirmation to continue buying until 1.2320 and 1.2330. Remember to expire purchases at 1.23 levels that lose purchasing power.

USDCAD remained sold below 1.38 on the day. Below 1.38 the intervals respond to sales up to 1.3790 and 1.3770 (could extend up to 1.3750). We remember that this crossing will present important changes with US inflation tomorrow and it is advisable not to get ahead of strategies. We prefer to get closer to the opening of markets to define a preference. The defining price is 1.38.

XAUUSD remains with a buying preference above 1,950. If the market remains above 1950.0, purchases are preferably until 1960 and 1970.


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