Fecha Actual:April 19, 2024

Price action DIC 14

EURUSD remained bought throughout the day. The preference is buying on 1.0980. European production data will be presented tomorrow. We would wait for a correction to buy at better prices. Below 1.0980 possible bearish correction until 1.0950. Whoever has sales will sustain and they are not hedge or coverage levels.

GBPUSD remained a buyer during the day. Below 1.2750 the price continues to correct to 1.2730, below 1.2730 to 1.2720. At 1.27, the projection remains bullish.

USDCAD remained a seller. Below 1.34 it remains a seller until 1.3390.

XAUUSD remained buyer, the preference remains buyer over 2020. We estimate to be able to have entry prices at 2020 levels.


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