Fecha Actual:July 25, 2024

Price action updates JUNE 21st FOREX and GOLD

EURUSD remains into seller area. Below 1,07 ideally we stick to sellers. The low levels between 1,0690 and 1,0680 have buy potential but we are trading with PMI information from Europe today. Don´t jump into buyers yet. Market must be certain and on hold above 1,07 before considering buy strategies.

GBPUSD remains into sellers area below 1.27. Levels between 1,2690 and 1,2680 have buy potential. Again, production PMI had a bad result therefore we must be patience before jumping into buyers. I considered above 1.27 good enough to start buying.

USDCAD is exceptionally at lows but no showing buyers yet. The price to consider buyers is above 1,37 upon confirmation. Still missing PMI of United States today. Below 1,37 markets are consolidating and no giving certenty for buyers yet.

XUUUSD remaing above 2.300 with buyer on hold. Next levels are considered up to 2.370 and 2.380.  Above 2300 stick to buy strategies ideally. Consider PMI of United States today for possible volatility.


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