Fecha Actual:June 29, 2022

The power of habits, building new neural circuits.


Intraday trading is an activity of a certain complexity that implies the operation of several processes simultaneously to coordinate the capacity for analysis and emotional control while maintaining high levels of concentration, but it can be reduced to simple tasks of “doing” and “not doing”. In the subconscious lie the installed “programs” of our mind, neural patterns built through repetition, which gives rise to the creation of habits. Starting from the basis that the potential for human creation is practically unlimited, it can be said that habits at the same time are our own limits to reach our maximum potential.

By transferring this approach to trading, it is possible to understand why frequently modifying setups, strategies, markets or even applying the same concepts of other successful traders, it is not possible to improve the results. Much of the answer lies in these preloaded brain “programs” – the same set of habits and skills are still applied to alternative forms of the same activity. The mind has very specific and precise instructions for what is already installed in it, but by learning new skills and developing habits, literally new cells and neural connections are created in our brain while others are modified; what is known as neuroplasticity.

Our mind is extremely complex and developed but when we talk about making changes, a priori, it is totally basic and limited. At the first sign of failure, the stress hormone is released and immediately returns to the comfort zone as a basic instinct. Naturally when we introduce changes we are going to see performance declines, until it is implemented in our behavior we will not see improvements, and most people with high probability will leave sooner because they do not see the expected results or even see their current performance deteriorate. Exploring new solutions and testing new skills will lead to building new habits that are healthier and necessary for the goal you want to achieve.

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