Fecha Actual:September 21, 2021

The dollar faces employment data

Tomorrow the US Bureau of Employment Statistics will release the unemployment rate and non-farm payrolls. We expect impact with the data that will be available from this Friday.

The focus is placed on these data since, from them, the panorama will be clarified on the decisions of the FED in monetary policy. Negative results could delay the decision.


Non-farm payroll data, which was 943K in the last July report, is expected to decline to 700K in August.

The slowdown in the growth rate of this and other economic indicators would imply a delay in changes in interest rates. However, the debate on the continuity of the asset purchase policy is more latent than ever.

As for the unemployment rate, it is estimated that it fell around 5.2%

After Jackson Hole, where Jerome Powell spoke of a reduction in bond purchases of 120,000 million dollars a month, this data is likely to keep the markets on edge.

The Fed official also highlighted the evolution of inflation levels, which would remain transitory, in accordance with the entity’s objectives, however, in terms of employment, there is still work to be done.


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