Fecha Actual:May 19, 2022

PMI under pressure due to supply chains

This Friday will be a day of medium impact due to the presentation of the PMI in France, Germany and the United States, among others. The context on global supply chains in a scenario of greater relevance to data.

Difficulties in obtaining supply are increasingly reported across companies, causing losses and slowed global economic growth.

Volatility is expected in the crosses, due to the relevance of the current context.

In the case of the United States, the services PMI is projected to rise above 55 points. As for the manufacturing PMI, it could be above 60.0 points, with a slight decline. However, the result would remain positive.

The manufacturing PMI will probably replicate the behavior for the case of France and Germany: it is expected that for France it will fall 1 point towards 54, while for the German case it will fall almost two points towards 56.

The services PMI will probably remain relatively stable with minor drops to one point.

Although the projections showed the effects produced by the problem of supply chains, for the three countries, the results will remain within and exceed the appropriate parameters. The interruptions to the activity, losses and other problems of the 2020 crisis, still have an impact on the correct normalization of supply chains and supplies.

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