Fecha Actual:December 6, 2022

PMI and American Employment High Impact Of The Week

High impact week from Thursday. US Production Data Stable manufacturing activity data is expected within the month of June. The dollar closed sell on the day of Friday, June 25. We expect stable US production data this week. On Friday we expect a correction in the dollar (rise) thanks to a possible rise in job creation forecast at 700k and a drop in unemployment forecast at 5.7% from 5.8%.

Market projections for the opening of Monday, June 28.


EURUSD. Buy preference over 1.1930 to 1.1950. About 1.1950 to 1.1970. No sell stage at the moment.



GBPUSD. Buy preference. Over 1.39 buy to 1.3920. Transition between 1.3920 and 1.3930. Then we continue to buy over 1.3930 (confirmed) to 1.3950. Sell is possible at the opening on Monday, down from 1.3865 to 1.3850.


USDCAD Sell preference. Below 1.23, remains sell. We continue to sell from 1.2270 for being the minimum of the area to 1.2260. Below 1.2260 to 1.2250 there is a transition with potential buyers. This price area could coincide with the US employment data.

USDCHF is held with a sell preference. Below 0.9160 down to 0.9150. Important transition between 0.9160 and 0.9155. We prefer to sell below 0.9150 to 0.9130. Buy interval above 0.9170 is not suitable. If the price rises at its opening on Monday we sell from 0.9180 and 0.9170.

AUDUSD buy preference. About 0.7580 to 0.7590. Sell isn’t  viable over 0.7570 and 0.7580. Above 0.76 we transition to 0.7610. Caution with anticipating buys. Then 0.7620 will continue to buy until 0.7630 and 0.7650.

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