Fecha Actual:October 17, 2021

BTC surpasses $ 40K: what the new crypto regulation is all about

In the last hours, a US legislator presented a bill that, if approved, would lay the foundations for the regulation of the cryptocurrency market.

It is one of the broadest bills on the legal vacuum of regulations in this market.

It is a bill promoted by Don Beyer, who is the chairman of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee and a member of the tax policy-making House Ways and Means Committee.

This project aims to create an extensive regulatory regime for digital assets.

It would give control to the Secretary of the Treasury to make decisions and vetoes on stable coins, generate regulations for decentralized finance (DeFi), determination on cryptocurrencies that are denominated as securities, among other issues.

The regulatory proposal would authorize the Federal Reserve to create a digital currency for the United States. For these reasons it is that it represents the broadest regulatory proposal since it covers points not included in other proposals.

However, the project has been presented and is still facing the process to determine its treatment in different instances.

What is not yet clear is the type of response the cryptocurrency market will have, how it will affect prices and if this will be a model to follow for other nations that are in search of finding a regulation for crypto.


BTC topped $ 40,000 this weekend after nearly two months of missing it. Even so, this was not enough, the BTCUSD remained this Monday at $ 39,750.

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