Fecha Actual:September 26, 2023

Bitcoin did it again!

The week opened with big movements within the crypto world. BTC rallied and broke a new level in over a month and a half.

BTC reached a new 24-hour high of $ 39,544. Levels that it had not reached since mid-June. These movements in bitcoin dragged down the other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and other altcoins in a very few hours.

This movement is due to the fact that in the last hours, large companies put BTC on the table for discussion.

On the one hand, three personalities from the crypto world took part in “The B-Word”, a conference on the analysis of bitcoin and on the potentialities. High-profile personalities in attendance were Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood.

The novelty of the last hours is that Tesla presented the possibility of reincorporating BTC as a means of payment, to the extent that renewable energy was implemented for the production and technological implementation of bitcoins. In May, Tesla had authorized the suspension of the use of Bitcoin for the purchase of vehicles. The reason that led to this decision is the very high energy consumption for BTC technology.

On the other hand, the Amazon company would be contemplating the possibility of incorporating BTC. This would imply that both BTC and other cryptos could be used to purchase products offered on the world platform. This would give wide access to the market for crypto.

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