Fecha Actual:June 29, 2022

Don’t let the tree cover the forest

Much has been written and said about keeping goals clear and always in sight to achieve them, about not forgetting where you are going when you do something. The same applies to trading and there is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes the trader, correctly visualizing what he wants to achieve, takes attention away from the meticulous daily work.

We perfectly understand ideas such as “don’t let the tree in front prevent you from seeing the forest” but, we are really aware that if we walk with our eyes permanently fixed on the horizon – the exit from the forest – we will not be able to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. present in our immediate and closest environment?

If you walk with your eyes on the ground, you can anticipate the irregularities of the road. To act before them as well as to defend oneself from any threat that appears suddenly, although with the risk of walking in circles without reaching any destination.

And if, on the contrary, you advance with your eyes on the destination over the path -forest-, each obstacle -each well, trap, tree- is going to get in the way, delaying us and we will probably not reach our destination even though we know where we want to go. and where is that place.


This is another great challenge for the trader, normally in a work team there is at least one role of leader who is in charge of defining those objectives -destination- and coordinating a work plan to achieve them -path to travel-, while there are other workers who walk attentive to the daily needs and tasks to be completed focused on their own work area with the assurance that someone else has the compass and will warn them if they are deviating.

As an intraday trader you are your own government. You are your own leader and your own front-line worker, you must manage the technical area, the emotional area and the monetary area by yourself.

Just as important as the visualization of a personal desire and personal affirmations about a goal that one intends to achieve is to reduce it to small daily tasks that will bring us closer to it if they are respected no matter how good or bad it is each day.

  That focus on the present, on what we have to do today and now, having defined in advance the direction in which we decide to move forward and the periodic review of our progress, represents the balance in the metaphor of who walks through the forest.

  So the moment the trader connects to his terminal, he stops dreaming and visualizing to limit himself to trading with his rules and nothing else.

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