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Karina Fabi, founder of watchMyTrading.com. Online trading is much more than what you see on the charts. Like you, I started trading by looking for free online trading courses. All market courses information was only related to indicators. I wanted to make a living from trading and nothing seemed to work. My first conclusions were: the market responds to intraday behavior, intraday trading is profitable, the indicators stop working after some time and are not reliable, the daily swing is not always fulfilled, the path leads me to scalping, I need professional support for this activity, to focused In some instruments it is better than wanting to do everything, the courses are not usefull I have to follow real traders, I have to think like a winner trader to be one. WatchMyTrading shapes everything you are looking for. This book reflects not only my more than 10 years of experience, but I also share with you my mistakes and my path. I hope you enjoy it. November 2020 book update / 144 pages / Editorial onDemand /


Karina Fabi, fundadora de watchMyTrading.  El trading online es mucho más de lo que se ve en los gráficos. Al igual que tú comencé el trading buscando cursos de trading online gratis. Toda la información de cursos de mercado estaba solo relacionada a indicadores.  Quería vivir del trading y nada parecía funcionar. Mis primeras conclusiones fueron: el mercado responde a comportamientos intradiarios, el trading intradiario es rentable, los indicadores dejan de funcionar no son fiables, el swing diario no siempre se cumple, el camino me lleva al scalping, necesito soporte profesional para esta actividad, concentrarse en algunos instrumentos es mejor que querer abarcar todo, los cursos no me sirven tengo que seguir traders reales, tengo que pensar como trader ganador para ser uno, debo formarme siguiendo el trading intradiario, no hay servicios de coaching en esta profesión.  WatchMyTrading le dá forma a todo lo que estás buscando. Este libro refleja no solo mis más de 10 años de experiencia, sino también comparto contigo mis errores y mi camino. Espero que lo disfrutes. Actualización del libro Noviembre 2020 / 144 páginas /Editorial onDemand/



Karina Fabi, fundadora da watchMyTrading.com. O trading online é muito mais do que o que você vê nos gráficos. Como você, comecei no trading procurando cursos de trading online gratuitos. Todas as informações do curso de mercado estavam relacionadas apenas a indicadores. Eu queria viver do trading e nada parecia funcionar. Minhas primeiras conclusões foram: o mercado responde ao comportamento intradiário, o trading intradiário é lucrativo, os indicadores param de funcionar e não são confiáveis, a oscilação diária nem sempre é cumprida, o caminho me leva ao scalping, preciso de suporte profissional para esta atividade, a concentre-se em alguns instrumentos é melhor do que querer cobrir tudo, os cursos não me servem. Tenho que seguir traders de verdade, tenho que pensar como um trader vencedor para ser um. WatchMyTrading molda tudo o que você procura. Este livro reflete não apenas meus mais de 10 anos de experiência, mas também compartilho com vocês meus erros e meu caminho. Espero que você goste. Atualização do livro de novembro de 2020/144 páginas / Editorial onDemand



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Trading is no just about money, but a passion. Many times we focused so much on doing the right entries that we forget about how much profit we are doing. On average every trader will perform over 20% of returns at the first quarter of trading with us. But the key here is to complete the entire year with a great performance. Twice a year markets will correct itself, between those two quarters over 60% of traders get stuck and lose their money. In watchMyTrading we prepare for those market corrections in advanced that way everyone can be on board up until the end of the year.  If you go into trading, you must go with a bag full of knowledge but foremost emotional intelligence.  Live trading is not risk-free. However, it needs to be a minimum risk, maximum profits, effective trade analytics, and emotions out-of-the-way.

Watch My Trading not only teaches you trading but more importantly shows you to understand the order flow language of currency markets how to master them. Several traders and brokers might say they know everything in the live trading book, but we are the ones reliable and trustworthy ones since we do it live in real time. Our leader trader Karina Fabi has past all the good and bad times in trading. She´s capable to manage everyone’s psychology to keep calm and cold head in trading. With ample experience about the international markets and helping several new traders ace their tries. Watch My Trading does more than just teaching you how to indulge in live trading but gets you ready for a trading career.

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Online trading isn’t limited to analyzing currencies, commodities or stocks values and seeing rises and falls on charts; it is more. Watch My Trading provides you with vital information regarding map prices, daily price action, market areas and how you can trade successfully. Watch My Trading is the right place start or to continue your trading career. Most traders that join us are already coming from different trading academies. Academies are only that, they will introduce you to general knowledge; indicators, strategies and that would be it. After you pay your tuition you can´t really tell if it is going to help you to do it right or not. watchMyTrading born as a frustrated trader, our leader trader Karina Fabi understood the importance of someone grabbing the helm. The live trading room of watchMyTrading links the concept of education and live trading support we all need.

We aim to create awareness about key topics of trading thinking that empowers you with to aim financial freedom. Our trading courses will prepare you with the technical know-how and right mindset for the live trading sessions. Our in-person courses help you begin investing and trading will full self-confidence and a systematic plan. Our online trading book supports all types of trading levels, beginner or expert. Over 10.000 traders already joined our live tading sessions. Most traders stay with us four months on average. After that period they get enough knowledge, confidence and strategic thinking to do trading for life.

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No matter if you are new in the market or a supreme trader, Watch My Trading methods help you achieve your goals without fearing your investment in the stock market. We’ve been in the stock market for quite some time now to understand the essential pillars in a trader’s journey to becoming a professional. We support you with knowledge, free online trading courses, and an online intraday trading book to ace your trading career. We provide live market support so that you don’t miss any opportunity in trading. We trade our stock market tips and tricks to help you embark upon a profitable trading life.