Fecha Actual:August 16, 2022

Gold returns to the ring in the international market

The metal commodities market returns to the ring in the international market after new waves of infections caused by the Delta variation of covid-19. Gold remains close to 1800.0 dollars an ounce and 1820.0 and 1830.0 are estimated again (prices reached at the beginning of the pandemic). The new waves of contagion hit European and American territory and will be noticeable in the economy within the next few months. The decisions of the central banks will be kept in check indefinitely.

WTI oil closes below $ 74.0 a barrel in its trading session on Friday, profit takes from buyers expected. The dollar will remain stable for the next week without data that highly alter the price. The Canadian interest rate will be released on Wednesday. Again the Canadian could have buying impulses during the opening of Monday and Tuesday discounting the maintenance of interests for Wednesday.

EURUSD closes buyer. Buy preference. Important transition between 1.1890 and 1.19. Above 1.19 the buy pressure will increase to 1.1910 and 1.1920. The 1.19 level is key in this cross for buyers to 1.20 or take profit again.

GBPUSD closes buyer. Buy preference over 1.39 to 1.3920 and extensions. Possible take-profit area between the 1.3920 and 1.3930 extension. If it succeeds by confirming 1.3930, buys will continue during the week until 1.3950 and 1.3960.


GOLD closes buyer. Buy preference over 1800.0 target levels are between 1820.0 and 1830.0. Above 1830.0 we will approach to take profit levels of 1833.0 and 1840.0. Above these settlement levels we will have the possibility of a buy scenario up to 1850.0.


USDCAD closed seller. Sell preference below 1.2450 to 1.2430 and spreads. Buys will be ready between 1.2410 and 1.24. Canada’s interest rate could be the one to move the crossover levels back below 1.24. Otherwise, it will remain in the buy area above 1.24.


USDCHF closed seller. Sell preference below 0.9150 to 0.9130. The buyers were liquidated in the current market zone. However, we have positioning levels above 0.9130 and 0.9150. Buys may return at this cross to 0.9170 and 0.9190.

BTCUSD buy preference. Over 33,500 to 34,000. At 34,000 the market will take  profit. The next buy level is over 34,400 to 35,000.


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