Market brief MAY 11th

EURUSD: above1.1920 buyers. We bet on buyers up to 1.1950 and 1.1980. Before 1.20 we stop and see transition

GBPUSD: above 1.3630 buyes. We bet on buyers up to 1.36. Before 1.36 we stop and wait transition.

USDJPY: buyers and sellers in the área. Below 109.50 sellers down to 109.12 área. 109, are buy prices again.

USDCAD: sellers below 1.28. Not to sell today.

XAUUSD: sellers below 1319.85 down to 1317.31

Seminar reschedule: Como generar plantillas MT4 con pivot points por Nieves Quezada :

Market brief MAY 09th

EURUSD: buyers today. Sellers only below 1.1846 to 1.1830 level.

GBPUSD: buyers today. Sellers only below 1.3550 to 1.3536

USDJPY: sellers from 109.62 to 109. 57. Consolidation área. Above 109 buyers. Below 109 sellers only.

USDCAD: consolidation. No information yet. Sellers prefered

XAUUSD:  buyers from 1313.27 to 1315.51, transition área.

Market brief MAY 4rd.

EURUSD: buy Price 1.1966 to 1.1975 and 1.1987. Below 1.20 close buy trades.

GBPUSD: buy Price 1.3553 to 1.3565. Below 1.36 no more buyers.

USDJPY: below 109 sellers only.

USDCAD: sell Price 1.2837 to 1.2828. Sellers only.

XAUUSD: sell Price 1313.30 to 1312. and 1311.29


Market brief MAY 2nd.

EURUSD: buy 1.1977 to 1.1983 up to 1.20 level. Sellers prefered., so out of any buy before FOMC.

GBPUSD: buy 1.3610 to 1.3625 up to 1.3670 level. Sellers prefered., so out of any buy before FOMC.

USDJPY: buy only above 110. 110 to 110.14. Below 110, market could sell off over the FOMC information.

USDCAD: sellers prefered. Below 1.2850 to 1.2820 and 1.28 leve.l. Buyers only above 1.2870 to 1.29 level. Sellers prefered.

XAUUSD: sellers prefered. Buyers will enter for FOMC., but to buy is high risk, better off sell high.


Market brief MAY 1st.

EURUSD: sellers. Below 1.20 sell. Buy stop 1.2020 to 1.2026.

GBPUSD: sellers. Below 1.36. Buy stop 1.3645 to 1.3650

USDJPY: buyers. Above 109.50 buyers, next level 109.80. Sell stop 109.48

USDCAD: buyers. Above 1.2850 buy up to 1.2880. Sell stop 1.2830

XAUUSD: sellers. Sell Price 1305.47 to 1302.53.